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Reimagining nurse staffing for a sustainable and healthy future.

Humla Health's tech platform streamlines staffing and scheduling, connecting healthcare facilities with credentialed W-2 nurses, and, named after the Swedish word for bumble bee, symbolizes how our nurses, like bees, are organized yet independent and essential for a vibrant ecosystem.

We are built for nurses, by nurses.

Humla Health was founded to reimagine how staffing could be sustainable and delivered in an alternative way that meets both nurses and facilities where they are.

Jessica Sylvester, MBA, RN, BSN

Founder & CEO, Humla Health

Connecting facilities and W-2 nurses without the paperwork and middlemen.

We are here to help any health care facility! Like a digital beehive, Humla Health’s platform provides a structured environment enabling W-2 nurses to work independently yet harmoniously within a unified system.

Humla Health for NURSES

When you create your personal Humla Health profile, you'll have flexibility to pick up on-demand per diem shifts to long term assignments, and set your schedule and minimum pay rate while bypassing agencies and recruiters.

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Humla Health for FACILITIES

We have digitized or replaced recruiters, staffing agencies, travel nursing, GPOs, regulatory requirements, and manual regulatory checks. You can staff without the bloated costs of an agency!

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“Humla Health will keep more nurses at bedside with the “for nurses made by nurses” approach. I look forward to building a schedule around my interests/hobbies/vacations on my own time, for a pay of my choosing.”

Sophia, RN, BSN

Humla Health Nurse

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