Call Light Health is now Humla Health!
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Flexible lifestyles for nurses without the financial strain on facilities.

Humla Health is not an agency, we are a matchmaker. 
Our tech-driven platform provides nurses and health care facilities direct access to one another in order to fill shifts without the bloated cost.

Humla Health is now matching vetted W-2 nurses and facilities nationwide!

Meeting nurse and facility expectations.

Humla Health for NURSES

Nurses can enjoy work-life flexibility with Humla Health, creating their own schedules and using our matching technology to claim shifts or be requested by health care facilities. We empower nurses to work at preferred facilities without long-term contracts and the hassle of dealing with recruiters.

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Humla Health for FACILITIES

Enhance patient safety through immediate access to vetted and credentialed nurses when needed most, while also boosting cost efficiencies with our tech-driven staffing platform, simplifying workflows for your internal teams with easy-to-implement and use technology.

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